The Standard of Care®


Until the Martin Chair-A-Table, there was no safe or dignifed way to transfer patients from wheelchairs to examination tables. Over two-thirds of wheelchair users have difficulty accessing examination tables. This contributes to nearly 100,000 wheelchair accidents per year. Lifting patients from wheelchairs to examination tables is a leading cause of injury and missed work for nursing staffs around the world. Worker compensation claims due to injuries caused by lifting patients exceeded $1 billion in 2005 and contributes significantly to health care costs. The mission of Martin Innovations is to successfully meet the needs of people with disabilities and ultimately prevent disabilities while caring for the disabled®.

Dr Willis Martin- CEO and Founder

Martin Innovations was founded by Dr. Willis E. Martin, a former Navy flight surgeon who ran one of the largest North Carolina dermatology practices for over 30 years. Martin Innovations represents the culmination of decades of observation into the need for safe, dignified methods of transferring bariatric, elderly, and wheelchair-dependent patients.